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Take a break from the day's stresses with a relaxing, restoring, and transformative healing session. With eight years of clinical experience in Oriental Medicine, and 12 years of practicing energy healing and herbal medicine, Michelle M. Connair, L.Ac. is adept at guiding her patients out of old patterns so that they may discover new ways of being in harmony with their body, emotions and spirit.

  • Acupuncture opens up, clears, and balances the body's energetic channels while massage and bodywork help remove stubborn blockages from the muscles and joints to reduce physical pain and promote emotional and spiritual balance

  • Tibetan massage (Kunye) helps realign the Winds of the body and was traditionally used to help Yogis on their quest for enlightenment

  • Cupping is especially beneficial for acute sports injuries and detoxification

  • Moxibustion (Moxa) is an gentle, soothing way to reduce chronic pain of the back and joints by applying the heat of burning Mugwort. Michelle uses indirect moxa only.

  • Herbal medicine can help speed healing and recovery by giving your body the vitamins, nutrients and plant spirit healing it needs to find greater health and happiness. Herbs can nourish the blood, organs, and the essence as well as remove excess pathogens like phlegm, fire, and dampness. Finding the correct herbal formula is like fitting a puzzle piece together into the whole, it can shift your body into a whole new way of being. The most important thing when using herbs, besides having the right formula, is to take them consistently in large enough doses daily for several weeks or even months, for best results.

Each session is a unique combination of the above modalities which can vary from one session to the next based on your needs and preferences. Michelle is very involved in your healing process, and does much more than just put the needles in and leave the room. Each session is a journey, everyone is welcome. 

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Michelle M. Connair, L.Ac. combines gentle acupuncture with soothing medical massage and other therapies including moxibustion, cupping, and herbal medicine. She provides compassionate care to all ages, specializing in pain relief, anxiety/depression, and women's health. Learn More.

 She is currently accepting new patients at her main office in Brattleboro, Vermont  Tuesday through Friday, 9-6, and some Monday afternoons 3-6pm. Learn More.

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