Summer wildcrafting

This summer I've been harvesting and processing as many herbs as possible while the earth is lush and green. My favorite herbs are ones that grow wild, not only because they're easiest to grow but also because they are very strong medicine. Plants grown under stressful condtions, like shade and drought, have to build up more defenses to survive, and they pass on this strong medicine to the people and animals that consume them. 

Many herbs I learned about in my Oriental Herbs classes have similar or identical sisters and brothers growing here in Vermont. While the herb's medicinal qualities may vary slightly based on soil and environmental conditions, you could argue that locally grown herbs provide more effective medicine to local people because they have to deal with the same influences. I prefer fresh herbs harvested nearby to those packed in plastic and shipped across the world from Asia, but when I need to use herbs from elsewhere I make sure they're tested for contaminants and from a reputable supplier like Mayway.

I'm posting some photos of summer herbs and harvests here