Summer Update

     All is well here.  Michelle will be continuing to offer transformative acupuncture sessions in Brattleboro through the summer and new patients are always welcome, but she is booking up fast for summer so schedule soon.

     Michelle has spent the past two years exploring healing with horses at Last winter she adopted Jasper, a majestic painted mahogany horse who has turned out to be her greatest teacher in being present, flowing with the rhythm and breath of life, and staying intact and calm in all situations.

     Jasper suffered trauma and abuse early in life but found his way from Alabama to Vermont, eventually making his way to the P.O.D. ranch. Now we do trainings and bodywork with him weekly and his transformation has been rapid and beautiful. He went from being completely unmanageable and fearful to recently allowing me to calmly ride him bareback and even giving pony rides to my 5 year old.

      What this shows me is that no fear or trauma is too deep to be released and transformed. While everyone is on their own unique journey of self-discovery and healing, we all have access to this amazing human machine we call our bodies. If we have the right tools and the right surroundings, we can take leaps and bounds through our spirals of transformation and enlightenment, letting go of old patterns and walking into something new. What do you want, and how do you want your life to feel?  I'll be learning more about this new form of leadership this year and how to apply it in a healing context through the organization Position Purple.